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The Ulster Fry movie mashup review of 2016

The Ulster Fry movie mashup review of 2016

2016’s been a weird year, so since we’ve had nothing better to do we thought we’d find a weird way to review it. After existing on a diet of sausage rolls, leftover After-Eights and Baileys for the last few days, this is the best we could do…. The 2016th Sense It’s January 2016 and after


Government places remaining celebrities on endangered species list

The sad passing of George Michael yesterday, combined with the loss of Status Quo’s Rick Parfitt on Christmas Eve, has forced the authorities to issue an immediate ‘cotton wool wrapping’ of all remaining well loved celebrities. “We’re facing a national famous people shortage,” said Major Huge Grant from the Government’s top secret Celebrity Conservation Committee.


“OK, no one wants to remember 2016”, Facebook finally admits

Following the launch of a video generator to remind everyone how great 2016 was, Facebook today admitted that most users are avoiding it because they ‘aren’t clean buck mental’. “With hindsight this was a terrible idea” admitted Facebook manager, Sharon Lyke. “Between Brexit and Trump, the deaths of Muhammad Ali, Prince and Bowie, terrorist attacks and loads more of our favourite celebs kicking


Christmas clubs a recruiting network for terrorists

An exhaustive investigation by The Ulster Fry Insight Team has uncovered convincing evidence that “High Street” Christmas Clubs are secretly recruiting members for terrorist groups across the globe. The clubs, supposedly designed to allow families to save for Christmas, have been established in shops across the country as fronts for groups including ISIS, Boko Haram


“F**k this for a game of soldiers”, declares everyone

After an eventful 2016 which has taken the lives of countless celebrities, ushered in Brexit, seen Donald Trump elected president and left everyone bickering about stuff, the citizens of planet Earth collectively threw the towel in today it has emerged. “I’m pissed off being pissed off!” admitted local man, Fierce Brosnan. “It just seems like we spend our whole f**king


The Ulster Fry Guide to… the Moon

According to top scientists like Barra Best we’re supposed to see something called a Supermoon over Northern Ireland tonight, but the chances are we won’t because it’s too cloudy as usual. To make up for this we asked our space correspondent Brian Cocks from Yermagh Planetarium to tell us some science facts about the moon so


Anti-Trump rioting spreads to Ulster American Folk Park

With riots sweeping the U.S. following the election of Donald Trump, protests have now reached our shores with the PSNI reporting ‘historically accurate civil unrest’ at the Ulster American Folk Park. “The election of Trump is an affront to the memory of Ulster emigrants who made the long journey to new, far-off lands,” said park reenactor Penny Farthing. “He’s not


America sticks sh**e through its own letterbox

The people of America have woken up with a wild hangover and a bad smell in their hallway after inadvertently getting blocked for 18 months. Across the nation families were carefully opening little plastic containers and bags which they found lying on their doormats, all of which contained the same noxious substance. “Turns out I’d