About Us

The Ulster Fry is a parody news site and presents its own version of current affairs through comedy and satire.

We only added this page for solicitors and such to read to be honest.  If you aren’t a solicitor, wise up and press ‘back’. Spoil’a’buzz.

Still reading eh?  

The Ulster Fry is written by local comedy/satire/nonsense writers Billy McWilliams and Seamus O’Shea. Contrary to rumours on the interwebs, the Ulster Fry is not a huge business with stacks of money. In reality it’s mostly written on the bus, or on the toilet at work – by two blokes who are only millionaires when they convert their life savings into Japanese Yen.

If you however are a business with stacks of money, check out our information for advertisers.

Content Submissions

If you fancy yourself as a writer, have a good idea or have a stumbled across something you think our audience would like then feel free to send us a submission.  We may not use it, but then again, we just might. And you like those odds, don’t you?

Boring legal stuff

All content on the The Ulster Fry is copyright of the Ulster Fry Limited.  If you want to use something, ask for permission.  If you don’t you are a dick.  Don’t be a dick. Unless you are an MLA, in which case, well thats kinda your job.  As you were.

Getting in touch

Jees you are persistent like. Ok, if there’s anything else you want or need, fill out the contact form yoke and tell us what you want.  We’ll be happy to hear from you, especially if you want to give us money.