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Incredible discoveries as Antiques Roadshow comes to Stormont

Incredible discoveries as Antiques Roadshow comes to Stormont

Producers of the Antiques Roadshow, due to arrive in the Stormont Estate on Saturday, have requested an extra day of filming time after their researchers discovered 90 unusual antiques in the basement of Parliament Buildings. The hit BBC show, presented by former newsreader Fiona Bruce, appraises antiques brought in by local people and other artefacts

Ancient Norn Iron tapestry revealed by historians

Following news that Game of Thrones now has its own Bayeux style tapestry in the Ulster Museum, prominent historians have revealed that they already had a very similar artefact in storage. Dating from the 12th Century, The Buck-you Tapestry tells the story of life in Northern Ireland in medieval times. As these scenes show, nothing much has changed. Folk

EXCLUSIVE! Northern Ireland celebrity salaries revealed….

With the BBC revealing the wages of their top stars, including professional angry man Stephen Nolan, The Ulster Fry has been looking at what our other celebrities demand for their time. We were shocked…. Stephen Nolan: £1 million per week, other demands include a permanent supply of fresh kittens, a staggering 51 weeks holiday per

Green Day cancelled by Parades Commission following mixup

Tonight’s Green Day gig in Belfast has been dramatically cancelled by the Parades Commission after being mistaken for a Republican rally, it has emerged. “We read that thousands of people were gathering in Ormeau Park tonight for some big ‘Green Day’ celebration” explained Marge Banner from the NI Parades Commission. “But when we couldn’t find it on our system we freaked out and

Oasis brothers Liam & Noel set for Short Strand showdown

Feuding Oasis brothers Liam and Noel Gallagher are so determined to continue their long-running disagreement that they have moved to Belfast and joined different sides of the political divide, the Ulster Fry has learned. “Noel has just bought a house in the Shankill Estate” revealed estate agent, Norton Pinprick “He’s also applied to join the Orange Order and pledged up

EXCLUSIVE: Fast & Furious 9 to be filmed in Northern Ireland

With their eighth globetrotting instalment currently breaking box office records, Vin Diesel has confirmed that the next Fast & Furious movie will be shot in Northern Ireland. “Toretto’s crew is going back-to-basics!” revealed Diesel. “Their cash is running out, so they’ll be relying on their wits, instincts and ability to spot a clinker at the mid-Ulster auctions to get back on the road!” His co-star Michelle Rodriguez

Morgan Freeman’s God to sort out NI’s Easter opening hours

Hollywood legend Morgan Freeman, currently filming in Belfast, has sensationally reprised his role as God after discovering that he will won’t be able to skull a few pints tomorrow night after work. “Dafaq lik?” he moaned to crew after learning of the archaic NI Easter licensing laws. “Are yousuns tikkin the han’ outta me or wha?”

Nine surprising cameos in the Paisley & McGuinness movie

Following the release of the official trailer for The Journey, which tells of the unlikely friendship between Ian Paisley and Martin McGuinness, The Ulster Fry has had an exclusive sneak-peak at the film, in which several famous Hollywood movie stars have made secret cameo appearances. We look at some of the best… Owen Wilson & Vince Vaughn as

Cash strapped NI celebs working second jobs to make ends meet

Many local celebrities have been forced to take part-time jobs to finance their lavish lifestyles, the Ulster Fry has learned. “With Nolan and Mitchell’s ridiculous wage demands, the rest of us are barely scraping by!” moaned TV presenter Marc Mallet as he picked us up in an Uber with an uncanny resemblance to a UTV news van. The news was confirmed by