Saturday, December 9, 2023

Prince Andrew to be demoted to ‘Duke of Yorkgate’ following scandal

With the ink not even dry on his out-of-court settlement in the US, the Queen has moved quickly to distance Buckingham Palace even further...

Hillsborough’s up its own hole status given Royal seal of approval

There were muted and well mannered celebrations on the street of Hillsborough today as the Queen officially declared the village to be the most...

Election round-up: Sinn Fein become biggest bunch of arseholes in country

Sinn Fein are set to replace the DUP as the party with the largest amount of arseholes in Stormont, it has emerged. The party's...

“Anger and confusion” as Xmas perfume advert kinda makes sense

Cosmetics companies across the globe have been shaken to their foundations after a new perfume broke with centuries old tradition and made an advert...
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