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Rory McIlroy to spend over £43 on lavish wedding

Rory McIlroy to spend over £43 on lavish wedding

Star golf player Rory McIlroy is to blow an astonishing £43.60 on an extravagant wedding at a castle in Co. Mayo. The superstar, who is marrying his fiancée, has told close pals that he intends to “pull out all the stops” for the ceremony. The Ulster Fry understands that the pair spent £16 in the


Kendall Jenner to head up the Parades Commission

Centuries of community tensions over parading in NI may soon be a thing of the past, after US celebrity Kendall Jenner revealed she’ll be handing out ice cold cans of Pepsi over the Twelfth this year. “I’m heading to Northern Ireland this summer” she revealed on Twitter earlier today. “to help bring about peace and stuff!” Seemingly excited by the prospect of dishing


People forced to visit their mum following Facebook login issue

Chaos unfolded across the globe today after a Facebook glitch left millions of users unable to login, forcing them to actually visit the person who once gave birth to them. “I couldn’t get signed in to my app all day!” moaned Ted Melter from Bangor. “So I had to actually visit my Ma and tell her I loved her. Like in person, to her actual face… instead of telling hundreds of