Pure Here & There

Written and produced by the The Ulster Fry on behalf of Harp Lager, ‘Pure Here & There’ is a factually incorrect tour of Norn Iron with a loveable Tyrone culchie and his know-it-all townie best mucker. Follow the two lads as they visit all six counties – plus Belfast (cos they’re clean up their own hole).


Pure Here & There Credits

Oisin McCool & Jonny Everett

Written by:
Billy McWilliams & Seamus O’Shea

Directed by:
Ciaran Murray

Principle videographer, sound design & editing (aka. Wizard):
Paul Brown

Secondary videographer and motion graphics:
Andrew Glendinning

Audio & Sound Engineering:
Liam Craig & Ethan Kelly

Guest appearances by:
Rory Best, Jackie Fullteron, Pamela Ballantine & Pat Ramsey

Also starring:
Brendan Quinn (Derry Reporter) & Keith Law (Voice of Jon Joe)

With thanks to:
Armagh Planetarium, The Navan Centre, Oxford Island, Meelmore Lodge, Sandinos Bar (Derry), Pat’s Bar (Enniskillen), Erne Water Taxi, Nomadic Belfast, The Harp Bar, Dianne and Inge in Katesbridge, Joe Bingham (for the farm) & Smarts Communicate (for all the Trello messages)