The Balmoral Show 2019

The Ulster Fry in partnership with Ulster Bank were delighted to provide exclusive analysis of The Balmoral Show 2019 – in a merger deal that one leading city analyst described as “them two ejjits writing a lock of culchie jokes and posting nonsense on Facebook, again”

These four bits of quare ‘n powerful content will test your agri-culchie-rural wits, help you survive the Balmoral Show and give you a unique behind-the-scenes look at the great show itself – as we sent our man, Belfast hallion Brendan Quinn, undercover at the biggest culchie event in the universe.


How Culchie Are You? (Part 1)

Ever wondered how culchie you are? Take this easy test to find out!

How Culchie Are You? (Part 2)

How culchie are thon Belfast wans? Ahead of Balmoral Show, we hit the big smoke to find out!


The 60 Second Balmoral Survival Guide

Thinking of heading to Balmoral Show this week? This wee guide yoke we’ve created with them’uns at Ulster Bank makes it easy.


The Undercover Balmoral Report

Is it easy to infiltrate the Balmoral Show? We sent our man undercover to find out.