Who should I vote for in the General election?


    With a Christmas general election just around the corner, many of you will be struggling to decide who to vote for. We've come up with this handy personality test to help you make up your mind which of the big five parties most deserves your support.

    Question 1 of 10.

    Which of these is most offensive to you?

    The Gays
    Boris Johnson
    NHS cuts
    Question 2 of 10.

    Which international football team do you support?

    Northern Ireland of course! GAWA!
    Ireland, and don't you dare call it The Republic! COYBIG.
    I don't really follow the round ball game, I'm more of a rugby fan myself.
    Soccer is an imperialist British invention. GAA is the true sport of the Celt!
    Question 3 of 10.

    When was the earth formed?

    After the Great Flood
    When John Hume wrote the GFA
    When Naomi Long was born
    During the Easter Rising
    When King Billy bate the Pope in 1690
    Question 4 of 10.

    How do you heat your house?

    With a perfectly normal heating system
    With a pellet fired RHI burner
    You nick next door's electric
    With your burning liberal heart
    Question 5 of 10.

    What do you expect your MP to do at Westminster?

    Turn up, rake in the expenses and get as many foreign trips as they can.
    Not turn up, but coin it on the expenses
    Be a lone voice on the back benches
    Get shafted by the Tories
    Question 6 of 10.

    Which of these politicians MOST makes you want to put your boot through the TV?

    Nigel Farage
    Martina Anderson
    Sammy Wilson
    Naomi Long
    Leo Varadkar
    All of them
    Question 7 of 10.

    Which of these is an essential qualification for an MP?

    Membership of the Free Presbyterian Church
    10 years in Long Kesh
    A willingness to turn up to work
    Membership of the Orange Order
    A regular at Mass
    A huge collection of scented candles
    Question 8 of 10.

    How do you feel about election pacts?

    Fine, if it gets usuns in.
    Delighted, if it keeps themuns out.
    A bit pissed off that I'm supposed to vote for usuns I don't like
    Smug, because my lot aren't in any.
    Question 9 of 10.

    Complete this phrase: Brexit will.......

    Make a United Ireland more likely
    Secure Northern Ireland's place in the union
    Make it more difficult for my children Jasmine and Theodore to attend University in Paris
    Make it harder for me to smuggle fags
    Question 10 of 10.

    What colour does your face go when you're angry?

    As red as Sammy Wilson on Nolan
    As yellow as Stephen Farry's underpants
    As green as Gerry Kelly's face when he saw that wheel clamp
    As orange as Tom Elliot's soul
    As grey as the wee patch on Colum Eastwood's beard

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    Who should I vote for in the General election?

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