Fury as leaflets linking the DUP and Sinn Fein circulate in Belfast


The increasingly bitter election campaign took an unusual twist today after it emerged that leaflets linking the DUP and Sinn Fein have been distributed across Belfast.

The badly made flyers make a series of outrageous allegations about the parties, saying that the two are somehow in cahoots. The outrageous statements include claims that…

  • The two parties SHARED POWER at Stormont for several years, going so far as to carve up ministerial positions between them.
  • At one point their leaders actually SHARED the positions of First and Deputy First Minister, even attending events together.
  • They continue to argue regularly about a RANGE OF ISSUES which don’t really impact on peoples’ lives here, in a joint attempt to keep the sectarian pot boiling.

When it comes to something called Brexit, the leaflets are even more damning…

  • It says the DUP campaigned FOR Brexit, though it’s turned out to be a complete shitstorm which makes a United Ireland more likely.
  • Meanwhile Sinn Fein are LETTING ON to be opposed to it, but won’t really do anything useful like turn up to vote against it. According to the leaflet, they secretly like Brexit.

The two parties have released an angry press release condemning the document.

“These are scandalous allegations. The shadowy forces behind this are clearly trying to frustrate our democratic right to shout a lot and claim expenses from Westminster.”

“We urge everyone to ignore these lies and vote for us, them, or someone else we’ve told them to vote for to keep us or them out.”