New royal baby to get “American name”


The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are said to be considering an American style name for the new royal baby, in honour of his mother’s ancestry.

According to a royal insider, Harry and Meghan have drawn up a list of “rootin’ rootin’ six shootin’ Yankee Doodle yee ha y’all” monikers for their son, including Cleetus, Chuck, Billy-Ray and Jedidiah.

“Harry is devoted to Meghan and really wants to respect her roots,” we were told by Sir George State-Carriage, who spent 8 years as a lady-in-waiting for Princess Anne.

“If it had been a girl they were considering Peggy-Sue, Sammy-Jo or Mary-Lou, but now the list has narrowed.”

With the Royal couple known to be fans of R&B, Hip Hop and Gangster rap, it is believed that more ‘Urban’ names are also under consideration.

“It certainly would be a turn-up for the books if we had a little Kanye or P Diddy Windsor in line to the throne,” says State-Carriage.

We contacted the royal family for comment and they confirmed that the child would be named after the recently deceased singer Prince.