Tesco now offering customers extra ClubCard points for stacking shelves


Following the introduction of ‘self-service’ checkouts over a decade ago, Tesco recently rolled out a new ‘Scan as you Shop’ gadget so customers can cash-up their own trolley before they reach the tills.

In a new trial running this month in Belfast’s Tesco Extra at Newtownbreda though, shoppers have been racking up extra loyalty points, quite literally, by replenishing the shelves at the busy store.

“I was a bit apprehensive at first” admitted Tesco customer Jessica Butler “But the ‘Stack & Pack’ barcode scanner was actually really easy to use.” she told us.

“I got through two pallets of Pot Noodles and built a display of Tetley teabags in about fifteen minutes. I’d have done more, but my husband was waiting for me in the car. He was raging at first cos I only came in for tampons… but when I showed him how many ClubCard points we got, he joked that it should be my time of the month more often!”

Aside from shelf stacking, Tesco are also offering extra ClubCard points in exchange for carrying out other duties that staff normally get paid for.

“It’s been great fun” admitted butcher for the day, Philip Mignon. “The next time I spend £50 or more I’ll get triple points, plus I just got myself a lovely leg of haddock for tea later… half price!”

Not everyone was so cheerful about the scheme though. “I lost my job as a HGV driver a few months back and it’s been tough to make ends meet.“ said Aidan Wheeler  from Carryduff. “But the store manager assures me that if I drive this 40ft container of CocoPops to Cork, our next grocery shop will free.”

Tesco’s plan to entirely phase out customer service complaints by simply having customers service themselves is now on track for 2018.