12 unintentionally rude things we’ve seen on our travels


We’re a pair of big weans here at Ulster Fry Towers, who like nothing better than a good snigger at something which might be a wee bit rude.

Because of this, we like to keep our cameras handy in case we spot anything sniggerable when we’re on our travels, and since we’ve nothing else to write about tonight we thought we’d share these with you.

May or may not be safe for work, depending on where you work.

1. This old comic book

Billy bought this in a second-hand shop and was very disappointed by the contents.


2. This gatepost

OK this one might be intentional, but every time we go to the Mournes it’s a sniggerfest round the countryside with all these diddy gateposts.


3. This horseriding manual

Really? There was no other name they could have come up with?


4. These bath bombs

Not a very enticing offer


5. This German Ski-Jumper

Must have been quare craic at school for this lad.


6. This thing in the Denby shop

Apparently if you go to the doctor’s you can get a cream to clear it up.


7. This pub door in Banbridge

What was on the designer’s mind when he or she came up with this?


8. This special offer, also in Banbridge

Long queue outside this shop. The cheaper ones have more hair.


9. This unusual piece of exercise equipment

Being sold second-hand at Bangor Auctions. Not sure why anyone would want a second-hand hoop massager


10. The judge at this cattle show

He seems to have got a bit close to the competitors.


11. The instructions on this Weetabix box

There’s bound to be a better way of wording this.


12. And finally – the entire plumbing section of B&Q

Is plumbing the most innuendo-laden trade out there?