Belfast relay runners outraged as event named the “Fun-Sized Marathon”


Thousands of people who completed a small section of today’s Belfast Marathon were left even more red-faced today after Belfast City Council officially branded their category the “Fun-Sized Marathon”.

The move has created major embarrassment for lots of these entrants, many of whom have been feverishly posting fitness related social media updates that gives the distinct impression they are the next Paula Radcliffe or Mo Farah.

“Ok, so I only ran a 5k section of the race!!” admitted Mike Airmax afterwards, “I was hoping to make my Facebook posts vague enough that people would assume I’d ran the whole 26 mile myself… however I’ve now been tagged in dozens of photos as  a ‘fun’ runner. I’m feckin raging!”

This was a view shared by fellow fun-sized athlete, Brie Boch-Harmony “I ran 7k with the ones from work” she revealed. “Well, ok, so I walked most of it to be honest, cos I had a really bad stitch and my shorts were riding clean up my hole. But I told all my muckers I was ‘doing the marathon’ … and now they are gonna know the truth.  I’m pure scunnered.”

The move has also angered those who actually ran the full 26 mile race, who are now craving tiny chocolate bars 17 years past their sell by date after months of strict training and dieting.

The National Union of Comedy writers have confirmed that making Marathon/Snickers jokes has also long passed its sell by date. “We’ll let you off just this once” said official spokesperson, Carmel Nutts.