Even folk who never watch Game of Thrones know yer man is dead now


Thanks to the Internet everyone now knows that yer man off Game of Thrones died last night, even people who don’t give a shit.

With half the country posting Facebook statuses that say things like “Spoiler alert! OMG! I can’t believe they killed off yer man off Game of Thrones!” it has become completely impossible to avoid the news.

One 45 year old Dundondald man we spoke to said that his girlfriend didn’t allow him to watch the show because of diddies, but this didn’t prevent him becoming fully aware of what happened in the episode.

“I can’t believe they killed yer man off, particularly in that really horrible way,” he told us. “He would probably have been my favourite character if I watched it, although to be fair all I know is that there’s diddies in it, and dragons.”

Meanwhile David Cameron has warned that more well loved characters off the TV are likely to die if the UK votes to leave Europe.

“Look at the evidence, with just the threat of Brexit we’ve lost Ronnie Corbett, Peggy Mitchell and now yer man off Game of Thrones!” he argued. “Imagine what would happen if we voted out?”

However Boris Johnson described the Prime Minister’s statement as scaremongering.

“You don’t actually see him die, for f**ks sake,” said the tousle haired former London Mayor, “and even if he is it’ll be because of an open door policy on immigration.”