IPJ to join Judith Chalmers in reboot of ITV’s “Wish You Were Here”


North Antrim MP Ian Paisley Jr is set to shrug off his latest Westminster rap on the knuckles by signing up to present a remake of “Wish You Were Here” with the legendary Judith Chalmers.

An ITV insider told us that the well travelled North Antrim representative was “top of their list of candidates” for the job, with his globe-trotting exploits making him the ideal co-host.

“We’ve been thinking of bringing back this show for some time, and Ian seems like a good fit,” says ITV producer Mal Deeves. “Obviously he’s a well travelled gentleman and his rugged good looks should attract a few viewers hoping to see him splash about in a pool.”

“However, more importantly, it’s a costly business making a travel programme and if IPJ signs up we’ll save a clean fortune.”

“For a start, he’s got enough air miles in the bank to take us to Mars and back and it seems that when he goes on holiday someone else pays for the accommodation.”

“All we have to do is persuade his mates to pay for Judith Chalmers as well and we could be onto a winner.”

We tried to contact Mr Paisley to see if any of this was true but he was out of the country.