Kim Kardashian slated for lockdown party on Copeland Islands


Kim Kardashian has come under criticism for throwing a lavish birthday party on an island off the coast of Co Down.

Posting on Twitter, Kardashian West said she was “humbly reminded of how privileged my life is”, after she was seen blowing over £30.00 on several tubes of Pringles and 60 Regal king size in a petrol station on the outskirts of Donaghadee, just hours before her bash.

The celebrity, who is famous for something, was later spotted boarding a private rowing boat to the island, where she was joined by 17 of her sisters including Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie, Krypton. Kumquat, Kettle, Ketchup and Kiosk, who all pretended to be having a great time on Instagram.

“The spending was wild,” confirmed the star’s husband, Kanye West. “We’d all thrown a tenner each into a kitty, and I blew the lot on a rake of barrack busters of White Lightning from the big Asda in Newtownards.”

“Everyone was snattered by half 11,” he revealed. “Kim boked over her shoes and put a photo of them on Instagram. Next thing, thousands of people are searching the internet to find where you can buy pebble dashed gutties.”

However the star has come under fire for being ‘horrendously out of touch’ – lavishly showing off at a time when millions across the world are struggling in lockdown.

“Can ye believe the cheek of her?! Swanning about a private island, probably rubbing shoulders with A-Listers like Barra Best and Joe Mahon, whilst the rest of us are stuck at home all day, arguing on Facebook about masks! Disgrace!” complained local angry woman Karen McKarendale, as she searched for pebble dashed gutties on Google.