Norn Iron “texting codes” the Police forgot to tell you about


The other day the PSNI released a handy guide for parents, supposedly warning them of the dangerous coded messages their teenage children may be using in text conversations.

We’ve been looking into it, and have discovered a rake of special local codes that the police forgot to mention. You may find them useful….

Family and Friends chat

AYM – Aye Yer Ma

BFF – Big Fat Fecker

BYBL – Bout Ye Big Lad

GABAY – Giz A Buck At Ye

GYGY – G’Wan Ye Girl Ye

MAM – Me Auld Mucker

SIIL – So It Is Like

WAY – What About Ye?


DUMD – Don’t You Mean Derry?

FAA – F**k Away Aff

FART – Fancy A Riot Tonight?

IB8YBISIW – I’ll Bate Your Ballix In, So I Will

L4AH- Looking for A Hiding

NIML – No I Mean Londonderry

YDSA – Yer Da Sells Avon

YMYD – Yer Ma’s Yer Da

Wining and Dining

BYOB – Bring Your Own Buckfast

FLAPS – Face Like A Pastie Supper

GAMMY – Got Any MDMA on Ye?

GHB – Get Her Bucked

NOBONF – No Beans On Fry

Culchie Speak

CISSY – Clabbered in Shite, So Y’are

HoSH – How’s She Cuttin’

POT8O6 – Potato Sacks

QUAY – Quare Auld Yoke

TAROTITS – There’s A Rake Of Them in the Shade

TC9T – The Craic’s Ninety

WH8T – Wild Hate Today

Stormont Politics Specials

Thesuns are reserved for the secret communiqués of our MLAs.

BRB – Boiler Repayment Bonus

BTW – Blame Them Wans

COE – Claim On Expenses

CU@SB – See You at the Subsidised Bar

EXPaTCOW – Ex-Prisoner Turned Community Worker

LMAO – Let Marty & Arlene Organise

MLAs – Mostly Lazy Arseholes

MMIPS – Meet me in the pellet shed

NOFMDFM – Any Empty Office

OMG – Offend More Gays

OSC – Occupied Six Counties.

POV – Piss Off Voters

ROFL – Right, Off For lunch!

TOS – The Other Surt

TSB – Those Shinner Bastards

TTMN – Tell the media nahim