Northern Ireland men “most romantic in the world” reveals poll


As Valentine’s Day approaches a new international study has revealed that Northern Irish men are the most romantic in the world. We sent our roving reporter out on the streets of Belfast to find out what makes men here such Romeos.

“My fella is always whispering sweet nothings in my ear,” revealed 27 year old Terri Rowntree. “He’ll just lean over in bed and say something like ‘Here doll, there’s no Kit-Kats left’ or ‘Sorry love, I ate the last Cornetto’. I’m such a lucky gal!”

Other female shoppers we met agreed. “My boyfriend likes to leave wee surprise presents around the house for me to find,” said 34 year old Brenda Dishcloth today at Castlecourt. “Like balled up dirty socks, toe nail clippings, discarded underpants and toilet floaters. He literally spoils me with rotten!”

All across the Province it seems romance is in the air. “My fella promised me loads of dirty weekends when we got together!” said Spraytanya O’Hagan, a 31 year old retired hair-dryer from Derry. “And right enough there hasn’t been a Sunday since when I’m not washing mucky football rigs, stinky work clothes or sweaty undercrackers. It’s been a bit of a Whirlpool romance!”

According to the study, Ulster men also know how to get pulses racing between the sheets. “My husband drives me completely wild in the bedroom department,” revealed Antrim woman Lauren Drebaskit, “arguing over the prices in Harvey Norman.”

“Although to be fair he always takes me out for a nice meal on Valentine’s night,” she continued. “We get a wee candle lit table for two and then he spends all evening whinging about how much it costs, the service and the portions.”

“He really loves whining and dining”