Stars threaten Oscars boycott over Northern Ireland snub


There are fears of a mass boycott of tonight’s Academy Awards amid growing anger that Northern Irish actors have once again been overlooked in the nominations.

“It’s criminal that the stars from back home have been passed over, again ,” says our Hollywood correspondent Helen Spay. “I mean, you had Jamie Dornan in that 50 Shades of Grey, he should be up for Best Arse in a Motion Picture, and then you have Liam Neeson who is bound to have been in Taken 6 or something.”

However although the local movie fraternity can accept lesser known stars like Neeson and Dornan missing out, it is more difficult to accept the omission of our big hitting ‘A Listers’.

“This is the 20th year in succession that Tim McGarry has been left out,” says Spay. “He really should have picked up a Best Actor award for his Godfather like role as Da in Give My Head Peace, but to ignore his harrowing portrayal of a slightly confused man reading from an autocue in ”The Blame Game’? It’s almost criminal.”

“There were some rumours in Hollywood that there’d be a gong for Nolan show spin off ‘Radio Face’, but then someone pointed out that it’s completely shite.”

However there is also bewilderment that part-time golfer Rory McIlroy has missed the cut. “He’s a proper method actor,” Helen told us. “He’s spent years perfecting that American accent and critics raved about his role as an embarrassed sportsman in the Santander adverts, but he’s been completely snubbed for these awards.”

BREAKING NEWS: It appears that the boycott has been called off, after the late inclusion of Lucky Man star Jimmy Nesbitt, who has received a last minute nomination for Best Foreign Language Film for last night’s YouTube clip of him talking ballix at the Frampton fight.