Everyone really surprised that the weather is s**te in November


The social media world is reeling this afternoon as users react to a sudden change in the weather, which has seen Northern Ireland’s usually tropical climate go from ‘grey and mild’ to ‘grey, mild and a bit wet’.

The panic began when top Twitter user @barrabest tweeted a grim warning that we are facing ‘an unsettled week’. His BBC colleague @weathercee soon followed with an even more terrifying prospect ‘the rain is coming – prepare to get soaked’.

Neither of the two forecasters could have predicted the utter chaos that would follow their doom laden warnings, as their legions of followers were gripped in a panic on an apocalyptic scale. “Sky is looking a bit grey,” tweeted ‘full-time mum and part-time party girl’ @juliek_1978, “time to stock up on tinned food and bottled water lolz xox.”

@glensman19¬†was also concerned. The self-described ‘retired pornstar – loving life and hating Linfield’ painted a grim picture of life in East Belfast amid this weather related crisis. “Bit of flooding @Knock. Having pets put down this afternoon. Not sure about kids yet.” Across the city @Fallsbhoy16 was incensed that better warnings hadn’t been issued. “Wasn’t expecting this. It’s only November FFS. F**king Brits.”

Facebook users followed their Twitter counterparts into total meltdown, posting thousands of photos of slight drizzle in Magherafelt, but followers of weatherman @FrankU105 have remained calm. “Dunno what all the BBC ones are on about” commented one of his many fans, “I’ve heard nothing about bad weather, though I’ve seen a rake of ads for laser eye surgery.”

However anyone concerned about the impending meteorological cataclysm can rest easy, safe in the knowledge that help is at hand. “Heavy rain in #NornIron, cancelling #SyrianAid now, #BelfastCrisis” tweeted UK Prime Minister @pigfan69.