First baby to be named after Corona Virus born in Craigavon


A Co. Armagh couple have hit the headlines after deciding to name their new baby girl after the Corona Virus.

Little Corona McLaughlin weighed in at 7 pounds 4 ounces when she was born at Craigavon Hospital yesterday, and her proud mum Rubella knew there was only one name that would do.

“Sure it’s all over the news isn’t it? And it’s such a romantic sounding name,” she told us. “Anyway, everyone in my family is called after a virus. There’s me, my sister Roseola, and my brother Measles.”

“That’s how I knew my husband was the man for me. When he came up to me in the pub and said ‘Hi, my name’s Rabies McLaughlin – he just had to be the one.”

Consultant Paediatrician Ebola Flannery told us that it’s not unusual for parents to name their children after newsworthy events.

“We had three little Ciaras born during the storm a few weeks ago, then a couple of boys called Dennis the week after.”

“Corona is a bit out of the ordinary but I wouldn’t be surprised if we see a lot more of them in 9 months time, after a load of couples “self-isolate” in their bedrooms for a few weeks.”