Google suspends Belfast version of ‘Street Maps Pac-Man’ as parades violence flares


Internet giant Google was forced to shut down the Belfast version of its Street Maps Pac-Man game last night after violence broke out in several areas of the digital city.

It is understood that large groups of ghosts assembled in a flashpoint area of North Belfast, intent on preventing Pac-Man from continuing his parade out of the city centre. Punches and insults were thrown, but fortunately pixelated PSNI Landrovers arrived on the scene and were able to prevent a tense situation from becoming more serious.

Nevertheless the Parades Commission have now become involved, and insist that Pac-Man should follow an alternative route through mainly yellow areas.

Speaking through a rolled up newspaper, Mr Pac-Man told us that he was simply attempting to follow his traditional route home, and that if prevented from doing so he would establish a “peace camp” until permission was granted.

“This route has been followed by Pac-Men for decades,” he told us, “it is clearly defined by the small pac-dots that lead through the maze of streets. I call on all Pac-Men and Ms Pac-Men across Northern Ireland to hold vaguely disorganised protests in support of my demands.”

Meanwhile the Chairghost of the Greater Ardoyne Spectres Collective, Fidelma Ni Banshee, told the Ulster Fry that unless Pac-Man engaged in meaningful dialogue, they were not prepared to allow his parade to continue.

“No talkie, no wacca-wacca-wacca walkie,” she said. “Pac-Man needs to recognise that the (demo)graphics of Belfast have changed, and he can’t expect to parade around gobbling up fruit as he pleases.”

Google, meanwhile, are bewildered by the developments. “You guys are f**king mental,” said company spokesman, Hank Wankelfecker.