People saying ‘unprecedented’ reaching unprecedented levels


An unprecedented number of people are now saying the word ‘unprecedented’ in an effort to describe the coronavirus pandemic, The Ulster Fry has learned.

“Our research indicates someone first said it on the BBC World News a few weeks ago” explained language expert, Anita Vowel. “Since then it’s slowly spread all over the world, infecting the vocabulary of others. Everyone will be saying it soon.”

‘It’s unprecedented!” she added.

The threat has already spread into Northern Ireland, with locals now taking the opportunity to drop it into Skype and Facetime conversations a much as posisble, sometimes without understanding what it even means.

“I hope Donald Trump is unpresidented over this mess,” exclaimed West Belfast mum, Spraytanya O’Hagan.

If you find yourself saying ‘unprecedented’, we strongly advise you isolate yourself for 14 days, stop watching BBC News and log off social media.