11 words that mean something different in Norn Iron


It’s a well known fact that Northern Irish people have the sexiest accent in the world – you only have to look at the likes of Liam Neeson, Gloria Hunniford and Frostbit Boy. We always have the right word for every situaitchun, even if they mean something different to the rest of the world….


Normal Meaning: a mixture of nitrogen, oxygen and other gases that forms the earth’s atmosphere.

Norn Iron Meaning: a period of 60 minutes.

Usage: “Ah’ll see ye in halfin air.”


Normal Meaning: a slightly crap seaside town in Wales.

Norn Iron Meaning: a slightly crap seaside town in Northern Ireland

Usage: “Are ye goin’ te Bangor fur yer haldees again the year?”


Normal Meaning: a military engagement.

Norn Iron Meaning: a glass or plastic receptacle for liquids

Usage: “Give us a battle a Harp an a packet a cheese an onion.”


Normal Meaning: a loud noise, a racket.

Norn Iron Meaning: a number of items, somewhere between a rake and a wile lock.

Usage: “Go an git us a clatter of thon wee futtery yokes from the shade.”


Normal Meaning: anti-aircraft fire, sustained abuse or criticism.

Norn Iron Meaning: a group of sheep.

Usage: “Wild shepherds watched thur flaks by night.”


Normal meaning: William Randolph Hearst, a US newspaper mogul 1863 – 1951

Norn Iron Meaning: A mid-Ulster term for a long, black funeral car.

Usage: “Are ye doin’ a lift from the Hearst at the funral?”


Normal Meaning: a large jug.

Norn Iron Meaning: A photograph or painting. Also a cinema.

Usage: “Is that new Trainspattin’ fillum on in the pitchers?”


Normal Meaning: a partially dried grape.

Norn Iron Meaning: An excuse or explanation for an activity, often lacking.

Usage: “She bait me fur no raisin.”


Normal Meaning: a dilapidated structure.

Norn Iron Meaning: a sudden scare or surprise, also electrocution.

Usage: “It’ll be a quare shack if themuns bait us on Saturdee.”


Normal Meaning: without a bend, angle, or curve.

Norn Iron Meaning: a row of houses.

Usage: “It’s all kickin’ aff on are straight the night.”


Normal Meaning: the act of mixing a liquid in a circular motion.

Norn Iron Meaning: steps used for moving between the floors of a building..

Usage: “Get you up them stirs before ye feel the backa ma hand.”