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The Ulster Fry movie mashup review of 2016

The Ulster Fry movie mashup review of 2016

2016’s been a weird year, so since we’ve had nothing better to do we thought we’d find a weird way to review it. After existing on a diet of sausage rolls, leftover After-Eights and Baileys for the last few days, this is the best we could do…. The 2016th Sense It’s January 2016 and after


Ten reasons to cheer the f**k up on ‘Blue Monday’

As if Monday’s weren’t bad enough already some miserable hoor had the bright idea to designate one as the worst Monday of the entire year. Sadly that day is today. We don’t believe in superstition though because we think it’s unlucky, so here are TEN reasons why should wise the bap and enjoy your day… 1. You don’t live in Larne. Well,


The Ulster Fryathlon – Pay Day Scran Appeal

Right folks, the Great Ulster Fryathlon is still going strong and we need one big last push to reach our goal.  We sprinted past the half-way mark, but there is still a wee bit to go. To help us over the last few hurdles we have some pure swanky prizes up for grabs. Please dig deep and help us reach our


7 stories to brighten up a pishy Sunday

If you missed any Ulster Fry posts this week, fear not! Our handy weekly news dump will let you catch up on all our stories. (Reading on the toilet is not required but is recommended) Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday