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“A**e cleavage” to be 2017’s biggest hipster fashion trend

“A**e cleavage” to be 2017’s biggest hipster fashion trend

Having a big hairy arse on show will be the number one trend among hipsters next year, according to Belfast men’s magazine, Le Ganch. “We’re beginning to see a move away from ginormous beards,” says the magazine’s style guru Charlie Gulpine. “Instead 2017 will bring immaculately groomed arse hair, emerging in luxuriant tresses from the waistband


10 ways to get your own back on kids at Halloween

According to popular wisdom Halloween, like Christmas, “is all about the kiddies.” This appears to give the “kiddies” the right to run about the place being really f**king annoying, letting off fireworks and throwing eggs at innocent windows. Here at The Ulster Fry offices, we’ve nothing against “the kiddies”, but we also think it’s time


Upcycling to be added to “anti-social” crimes list

People who “upcycle” furniture and other items may soon find themselves in trouble if a new law at Stormont finds its way onto the statute books, Under the proposal the phrase “Anti-Social Behaviour” will be redefined to include anything that is really, really annoying, such as taking ages at petrol pumps, owning an outlandish beard


Eight things women need to know about men

Since the dawn of time men and women have been engaged in an eternal struggle, generally one of women trying to get men to do things, and men trying to avoid doing them. We’ve been looking into some of the stereotypes that feed this conflict, and have prepared this handy list so women can better understand what makes


“Our European stores are full of weird Northern Irish stuff” admits Lidl

Whilst Ulster shoppers have long enjoyed buying unpronounceable foreign brands at Lidl, the supermarket chain has only just revealed that its stores on mainland Europe are conversely stocked with Northern Irish products that continental customers have never heard of. “Ze veggie roll ist our favourite!” confirmed German shopper, Hans Crownfeld. “Est ist so delizious, especially inside und slice of Knutty Krust. So it is”