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Channel 4 to add ‘Norn Iron week’ to Bake Off

Channel 4 to add ‘Norn Iron week’ to Bake Off

As the world recovers from the shock news that the Great British Bake Off is to move from the BBC to Channel 4, it has emerged that a key selling point was the addition of a Northern Ireland-themed week. ‘We wanted to move away from all that fancy muck like Chou Pastry and Fairy Cakes,”


Eamonn Holmes aiming to work from home

Following today’s shock announcement that Eamonn Holmes is leaving Sky News, the Ulster Fry has learned that he’s sensationally set to continue his breakfast news dynasty, except at home, over breakfast. “I can’t be arsed doing thon London commute at the skrake of dawn anymore”  he told us. “It’s a right pain in the hole so it is. It wouldn’t be


What next for Julian Simmons?

With rumours rife that popular continuity announcer Julian Simmons could face the UTV chop, we ask what next for the broadcasting legend? Here’s a few suggestions. Replace Paul Pogba at Juventus. Midfield dynamo Paul Pogba is unsurpassed at linking defence and attack, and Simmons has shown similar skills linking Emmerdale with Coronation Street. There’s now a Pogba sized hole in the