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Beyonce ‘absolutely raging’ with George Clooney, admits pal Barra Best

Beyonce ‘absolutely raging’ with George Clooney, admits pal Barra Best

Pop-star Beyonce, who recently got news at the Ulster Hospital that she had two buns in the oven, is reportedly ‘pure snapping’ at George Clooney and his wife Amal for ‘blatantly copying’ them, according to Jay Zed’s best mucker, BBCNI weatherman, Barra Best. Clooney, who lives with his glamorous wife in a semi-detached in Doagh,

David Attenborough to film ‘Blue Bag Planet’ documentary in Norn Iron

Following the success of Planet Earth II, naturalist David Attenborough has decided to update his Blue Planet series by visiting one of the most inhospitable places on earth – Northern Ireland. Billed as the television event of the year, Blue Bag Planet will follow an indigenous species known as the Funnel Drinking Spide as it crosses treacherous

Belfast Zoo animals to be replaced with live human exhibits.

In light of the recent controversies over the cost and ethics of Belfast Zoo, the City council has sensationally voted to replace the entire stock of animals with real, live human exhibits. “We’ve loads of exciting things lined up,” said the Council’s Head of Recreation, Victoria Park. “This’ll be a real shot in the arm