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Eight great places to stop for a pish in Northern Ireland

Eight great places to stop for a pish in Northern Ireland

Norn Iron has some of the world’s best improvised pish stops, many of which (surprisingly) aren’t listed on the Discover Northern Ireland website. We’ve compiled a list of the top places to stop for a slash whilst exploring our beautiful country. 1. Anywhere on the way to/from Kelly’s, Portrush No trip to Kelly’s is complete without squatting behind

The Ulster Fry guide to driving like a hallion

Driving in Northern Ireland is a whole handlin’. Apart from learning all that stuff in the Highway Code, there’s a heap of unwritten rules to follow. We’ve compiled a handy list so you know the craic! 1:  Only overtake other cars on blind bends NI folk are too busy to wait for those ‘over-taking lanes’ and ‘clear stretches of road’ you hear

The Ulster Fry guide to blocking melters on Facebook

Whilst Facebook is great for finding out what people are up to without actually talking to them, it’s a minefield of ejjits saying stuff you probably couldn’t give two shites about! Here’s a wee Ulster Fry’s guide on how to handle some stereotypical Facebook melters. (We’re sure you can suggest a few more below!) Mantra-preneurs Having once

Ten Norn Iron superhero movies better than Batman v Superman

Spide Man After being bitten by someone off their ballix on legal highs, nerdy student Paddy Parker begins to lead a double life. A geeky teachers pet by day, a pain-in-the-hole social deviant who would drive you up the walls by night. Harland & Wolverine After losing his job, ship builder Jimmy “Slogan” Howlett goes buck mad

Top Ten tackiest Easter Rising souvenirs

‘Tis the decade of centenaries and people all over the world are crawling out of the woodwork to commemorate this, that and the other. When there’s an event to celebrate, you’ll find people that are able to do it respectfully and others that wouldn’t know the meaning of the word if it beat them up

9 Star Wars characters from Norn Iron

Princess Leiabout After years of leading the rebellion, Princess Leiabout can’t be arsed anymore. She has three wains who do her head in and she lies on the sofa smoking fegs and ordering groceries from Iceland’s website. The Prime Minister of Iceland has now blocked her emails. Chewdabakeoffya Now settled and living in mid-Antrim, Chewdabakeoffya