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10 random memes that the internet made for us

10 random memes that the internet made for us

OK, we’re bored with heating scandals, and a bit hungover, so can’t really be arsed doing a proper post. However we found a handy wee yoke on the interweb that lets you put in a photo into Facebook Messenger, and it turns it into a meme with random text. We’ve had a hoke through our


Another rake of Norn Iron Ladybird Books.

OK, so we thought we’d make one more set of these, sure they’re good craic. One about Bangor One about politicians One about Riverdance And one about marching One about South Armagh One about hobbies One about scary folk One about blowing stuff up One about the traffic updates on Radio Ulster One about practical


UTV to launch own jungle-based reality show

As Geordie TV duo PJ and Duncan take us down under once again, local broadcaster UTV have announced their own version of the hit reality gameshow. Filmed on Cavehill, I’m a Slabber, Get Me Out Of Here will bring together some of the world’s foremost narks for a series of gruelling challenges – which they


Bono nominated for Best in Show at Crufts

Following his nomination for Glamour magazine’s Woman of the Year prize, it has emerged that a special UN Resolution means that U2 frontman Bono is to be included in all future awards lists, even if he doesn’t even remotely match the qualifications. “Bono was fuming that Dylan got the Nobel Prize,” we were told by


Brangelina to split in squabble over Portrush caravan

With the world reeling from the news that celebrity power-couple Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt are sensationally set to split, the Ulster Fry can reveal some exclusive details about their dramatic parting of ways. “They were always fighting over everything,” revealed Brad’s close friend and confidant, Hugo Duncan. “He wanted beans on his Fry, but Angelina thought